About Us

Senior Experts is the one-stop-shop solution to satisfy the demand for a network of highly experienced professionals and a growing number of MSMEs across India. It enables senior citizens who've retired from their respective fields to continue contributing towards the growth of new businesses that are in need of valuable expertise.
  • A Discovery Platform for Retired Seniors & Entrepreneurs
  • Retired Seniors who are willing to work and contribute can join this Platform
  • Entrepreneurs who are in need of Expertise for their Organization can join this Platform
  • Both can exchange their common Interests and start a new Journey

What's our agenda?

When a person reaches the age of 60, he is considered a Senior Citizen and most often they retire from active work. It does not mean that they retired from life. They possess decades of experience in their domain and are subject matter experts. They have valuable knowledge which the country can make good use of. We want to put them to work by providing meaningful engagement.

SMBs, New Businesses and Start Ups can seek their inputs before they burn a hole in their pocket.



Our USP stems from the immensely experienced retired senior professionals who form an integral part of our network. Equipped with years of knowledge that in some cases exceeds the entire period of life of relatively younger professionals, “Senior Experts” are capable of transforming businesses with their unique and insightful proficiency that cannot be replicated otherwise.