Here's Why Hiring Seniors Is Essential for Business Growth

Here's Why Hiring Seniors Is Essential for Business Growth

Every August 21st, Senior Citizens Day goes unnoticed. Well, this year, something special happened. Columbia Pacific Communities or CPC launched a campaign titled #ChiefExperienceOfficer to promote the hiring of seniors for roles at startups. CPC is the largest operator for senior housing communities. 

To promote the cause, CPC called upon Shabana Azmi to deliver a personal message to corporates. Also, the campaign also had a series of social media posts to target the issues of ageism in our society. These efforts helped clear many misconceptions regarding retired professionals. Thus, promoting reasons for hiring a senior.

Read on to know more about why you should hire senior citizens as employees at your startup. Also, we will talk about the campaign a little.

What Makes a Senior an Essential Hire?

Shabana Azmi is a veteran actress who has acted in about hundred films. Yet, she grew sharper and wiser in her senior years; it helped her land her first international role in a sci-fi series. 

So, taking this as an example, here are reasons why you should hire retired professionals:

  • They have immense experience in the field they are in.

  • They can make the shift from their industry to another one.

  • You can leverage their vast experience to drive growth to your business.

  • By hiring them, you can create a diverse and inclusive work culture. 

But many businesses don’t hire senior citizens. Despite, these benefits, companies are try to portray a youthful image to their consumers. So, let’s break the stereotypes.

Hire a Senior Today From the Right Platform

If you want to know how to hire seniors, you’re at the right place. Senior Experts allows you to get in touch with retired professionals. By posting job listings, you can hire seniors for positions at your startup. Together let us bring seniors back to the workplace and create an inclusive space for them.