Senior Experts: Empowering Senior citizens to lead an Independent and Dignified life.

Senior Experts: Empowering Senior citizens to lead an Independent and Dignified life.

The plight of the elderly is becoming a huge issue in our times where children have no time or inclination to spend with their parents. It's not about having the time available but also about being receptive to their feelings to lower the growing distance between parents and children.  We decided to do something about this, and help those who need a new direction in life to be happy!

We at Senior Experts have the vision to empower senior citizens to live independently and with dignity by providing them opportunities to develop their second career and help seamlessly integrate them into the workforce. When a senior citizen chooses to live independently without being confined to assisted living, it's important for them to have ample opportunities for developing a second career. Senior Experts can provide them the opportunities that enable them to keep themselves busy and tap into their skills and experience. The objective of this platform is to channelize the knowledge and expertise of the seniors which are developed over the years into meaningful deliverables.

One of the most important aspects where time plays a crucial role is at the expert level i.e. -  With the right amount of knowledge and experience, an expert knows his or her field inside and out and can easily solve problems that newbies or inexperienced professionals on the same spectrum may not be able to fix. Thus with Senior Experts, we have come up with a solution to bridge the gap between retired industry veterans and businesses seeking help.

“At Senior Experts, we are committed to facilitating meaningful partnerships between businesses and Retired Senior Citizens”

So, How to become a Senior Expert?

With years of experience and hardwork Senior Experts come in the form of subject matter experts, experts in the field of their designation, experts in strategic planning and experts in execution. They could be industry veterans, domain specialists or just general management wizards. Currently, Senior Citizens with years of experience, are a high-value source of growth capital (expertise) for businesses to tap on. 

Here are a few examples of Senior Expert roles -

  • Business Network Consultant - A retired sales manager, who is adept at networking, could help businesses hire efficiently. He would know, for example, the best ways to tap into his professional contacts and relate that to the position the business has to fill. He would be able to tell who he knows that's got the right skill set. He knows his contacts very well and could thus work with a company to find the best people.

  • Marketing Network Coach - A retired marketing aficionado, who's also great at networking, would find it easy to build a useful network of referrals. Thus helping businesses in acquiring its goals with the needed referral marketing efforts. 

  • Tax Filing Advisor - A tax consultant who is retired can simplify the process of filing/paying taxes while also staying on top of all your deadlines and being proactive enough to ask questions that are important to know in case there are things missing or if anything appears off.

  • Operations Advisor - A retired operations manager can be a good mentor and manager to oversee that operations teams have adequate plans and processes in place for performing their day-to-day functions.

 What does it take to become an expert at anything?          

The Truth is there is no secret ingredient to becoming an expert. It simply stems from the fact that these are exceptionally specialised individuals with a lifetime's worth of knowledge. Which far exceeds that of younger individuals who are equally as proficient but lack the experience necessary for true insight. Senior mentors can turn businesses around with their unique and insightful proficiency and expertise that is difficult to replicate or replace.

Vision behind creating Senior Experts platform

All their lives, senior citizens have lived for the benefit of others to earn and provide. And in later years if they want to revert this primal characteristic, when they are retired and want to use the experience gained over time to start living on their own terms they can count on us. So that the values that come from within don't spend another day growing stale. At Senior Experts we envision helping them to get going!

Here are a few benefits which they can enjoy if they decide to register with us. 

  1. Boost Financial Security - Pension funds and savings are what retirees turn to as their expected income sources. The chances are likely that their income stream will not grow as quickly as inflation will eat up some of their savings. The healthcare inflation rate can have a direct impact on how much their retirement funds can grow, growing even less when the money from investments goes to monthly bills for prescriptions, maintenance and monthly medical visits. With an additional income source like working from the comfort of their homes senior citizens can boost their financial security. 

  1. Enjoy Retirement as a fulfilling experience - As their golden years approach, seniors find themselves asking the question of what they would ideally do if they could spend their retirement in a way that can disregard dependency. Senior Experts plan to address this issue. We provide an online platform that makes it possible for seniors to discover and experience more enriching and more fulfilling work opportunities by giving them freedom to explore the professional space even after retirement. 

  1. Improve Mental wellbeing - It’s amazing what a little mental stimulation can do for the retired people. Different studies have shown that working after retirement can help senior citizens define a purpose in life therefore affecting the longevity of the life span. Professional work situations can help seniors stay active and mentally agile as they age. Senior citizens can use their own experience and expertise to create a routine life for them that can provide them joys of a fulfilling longer life.  

  1. Comfortable and safe work environment - It is not easy for senior citizens to find the social connections they need! But if they start getting involved in a safe work environment which gives them mental stimulation, financial freedom and the comfort of working from their homes they should not miss this opportunity. Not only that, but you never know when a friendly banter might trigger a brilliant idea or two!

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It's a common belief that senior citizens associate themselves with giving up on an aspiration feeling that they will not be able to do it, Because working after retirement is not a popular opinion. We want to encourage as many retirees as possible to work in their own capacity and comfort for the benefits that may help them live an engaged and happier life. While many retirees may be willing to join the workforce, others might need a little encouragement. 

Therefore, we at Senior Experts work tirelessly to bring work opportunities appropriate for experienced retirees. If you are someone who wants to experience retirement as an exciting new chapter in your life and even if it is the second half of your life, then you should consider registering yourself with us. provides opportunities for seniors who aspire to do more than retire. We believe seniors can have a very positive impact on the world, especially if they are inspired to continue to grow intellectually and creatively. If this sounds familiar, it's time for you to consider joining us.

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